Offensive Systems

Weapons. Be they blades, disruptors, torpedos, or a Klingon's own two hands, weapons are by far a warship's most important asset. The Blackstar is no exception, and as such, it has been fitted with the most advanced weapons available to the Empire. The Blackstar's entire armament has been upgraded compared to a standard vor'cha-Class warship, and brings an already impressive ship an even more impressive array of firepower, rivaling the strongest warships of any Alpha or Beta Quadrant military.

Disruptor Systems
High Yield Disruptor Cannon
Mounted on the forward points of the ship's head, this disruptor is a fairly standard type, similar to the units used on the negh'var-Class Battleship. Despite being smaller and less powerful than the negh'var's main cannons, they still put out a considerable amount of firepower. The primary drawback to this weapon is its fixed position. The entire ship must be turned to face the target for these weapons to be of any use. As such, the weapon is used in the same role as the negh'var's larger units, primarily against space stations and other fixed targets.

Mark I Disruptor Array
Since the introduction of their Ambassador-class Starship, the main advantage Starfleet's Phaser systems have held over the Disruptors of the Klingon and Romulan empires is the ability to link many emmiters into long strips. Until very recently, doing the same with disruptors was considered impossible due to differences in the basic technology. As engineers tend to do, however, they made the impossible a reality. After the resounding success of the disruptor array in the pemaH taj-class Assault Crusier, it was decided include them in the Blackstar instead of the standard disruptor cannons. The Mark I array offers wider firing arcs, faster target tracking speed, more efficient energy use, and shorter recharge times when compared with a standard disruptor cannon.

Rapid Discharge Disruptor Cannon
This disruptor cannon is a short range weapon intended for point-defense against small targets, such as enemy fighters. The weapon fires relatively low powered disruptor pulses, but what the weapon lacks in raw power, it more than makes up for in accuracy and rate of fire. The weapon is fires at roughly 5 times the rate of a b'rel-Class scout's main cannons and is capable of firing constantly for a full minute before becoming overheated. The cannon's accuracy and target tracking speed is so good that it is even capable of intercepting and detonating some of an enemy torpedos before they reach the ship's shield grid. Because of this, the rapid discharge disruptor cannon is just as much a defensive weapon as an offensive one.

Torpedo Systems
The Blackstar's torpedo system is a relatively normal type capable of rapidly firing up to 4 torpedos in less than 2 seconds. Where the system becomes truly unique is in the torpedo's themselves. Unlike standard torpedos, the Blackstar's torpedo casings are not preconfigured for any single type of payload. This gives the torpedo system greater flexibility in combat situations, as the torpedo gunner can select the warhead type immediatly before the torpedo is loaded into the tube. The only drawbacks to this system are that the reload time is increased by 3 seconds over a standard rapid-fire torpedo tube, and that the casings are not interchangable with older systems, which can make resupply diffucult until this system is further distributed throughout the Defence Force.

Quantum x 580
The quantum torpedo is a step above the more common photon torpedo that has been in use for generations. In place of the Matter/Antimatter warhead of the photon is a more advanced and more powerful Zero-Point Energy warhead. This is the Blackstar's primary warhead type and there are enough warheads for all of the Blackstar's torpedo casings.

Stabilized Isolitic x 10
(Based off of information from the Daystrom Institute Technical Library.)
This warhead is a stabilized form of the Isolitic Subspace weapon. Although subspace weapons are illegal under the terms of the Second Khitomer Accords, in light of the Dominion War, it was decided to equip them anyway. Recent studies found that the subspace pulse released by a standard isolitic warhead was unstable due to the fact that the M/AM detonation created a small subspace pulse of its own which caused a harmonic disturbance when combined with the larger one formed by the shell of the weapon. To solve this, M/AM charge was replaced with the recently developed Zero-point Energy warhead, like the one in a quantum torpedo. This weapon causes very little structural damage to a ship's hull, but the subspace pulse is devestating to a ship's warp coils. The warhead's most common function is to destroy an enemy vessel's ability to jump to warp.

Gravity Charge x 15
(based off of a concept in book 3 of the SCE series of Star Trek novels)
This warhead is actually based off of a mining collapse charge. A collapse charge creates a short gravitic pulse which collapses old mine tunnels to allow for contruction of buildings over it. The military version is simply a stronger charge mounted into a torpedo casing. They can be very useful for pulling an enemy ship off course for a short time in situations such as combat in an asteroid field. Alternately, the warhead iteself can be beamed onto an enemy ship to cause massive amounts of structural damage, or even implode smaller ships.

Icebreaker x 5
Awaiting report from Chief Engineer.

Phase x 5
This warhead is basically a micro-photon warhead, like the type used on fighters, coupled with an interphase generator. Although much weaker than a standard torpedo, It is capable of passing through shields and even a ships hull unimpeded. When set to decloak and detonate at the right location, these torpedos can be quite deadly.

Antimatter Pulse Cannon
This is by far the Blackstar's most devestating, and potentially most dangerous, weapon. This weapon fires a compressed pulse of antimatter held inside a containment field, similar to a Romulan plasma cannon. This weapon has three main drawbacks. First, unlike the plasma cannon this weapon is not usable at warp speeds. Second, the weapon is almost useless against shields. Offsetting this is the weapons capability of delivering devestating amounts of damage against an enemy hull, usually destroying the target ship with a single shot. The third, and most dangerous drawback, is the weapons tendancy to degrade the launcher each time the weapon is fired. After approximately four or five shots, the weapon becomes dangerously degraded, and you begin to run the risk of losing antimatter containment in the prefire chamber. The result of this loss of contaiment would almost certainly be the destruction of the entire ship. It was judged that the potential output of the weapon far outweighed the risks involved in it's use, and it was decided to keep the weapon in the Blackstar's design.