IKV Blackstar Technical Manual


This section includes an explanation of the manuals' layout, basic ship's specifications, etc.

Operations Engineering

This section contains information on the general operations aspect of the ship. Includes bridge layout, explanation of crew accomodations, sickbay, etc.

This section is all about the nuts and bolts of the Blackstar. Includes a layout of Main Engineering, explanations about the modified warp core, computer core, and so on.

Offensive Systems Defensive Systems

This section covers the Blackstar's armament, including info on the ship's Disruptor batteries, Torpedo warheads and launcher, and any other systems used primarily for an offensive function.

This section contains information of the variety of equipment used for keeping the Blackstar in one piece when the going gets rough.

Ground Forces Shuttles and Fighters

This section is dedicated entirely to the equipment, accomodations, weapons, etc. used by the Blackstar's ground forces.

This section contains information and specifications on all the auxillary craft carried by the IKV Blackstar.