Ground Forces


Performing a variety of duties ranging from guarding the senior staff to conquering a pre-industrial civilization, ground troops are the backbone of almost any successful Defense Force operation. Like every other section of the ship, our soldiers carry some of the finest, most advanced equipment available to the Empire. The 500 members of the Third Brigade of the IKEF Army are some of the finest soldiers in the Empire and bring much glory and honor to the Blackstar.

Chain of Command
(Based off of information from the I.K.S. Gorkon series of Star Trek novels by Keith R.A. DeCandido.)

The chain of command among the Blackstars 500 soldiers is simple, but provides great operational flexibility. The soldiers are broken into 100 five member squads. Each 5 member squad is composed of 4 common soldiers, called bekks, and a Leader. The members of First Squad are the best of the best, and are commonly given the most honorable duties, like guarding the senior staff (the Leader of the First is always the Captain's personal guard). The rest of the soldiers are arranged according to their skill and bravery, and are given duties according to their standing in the hierarchy. For example, members of the One-Hundredth consider an assignment to waste extraction a better day than most. A company is formed from 10 squads and is lead by a QaS DevwI'. The number and size of the companies varies based on the size of the ship, on the Blackstar, there are 10 companies.

Ground Troop Quarters - [Image]

Each company is given its own barracks. Within these barracks, each squad has its own set of bunks, stacked 5 high off of the deck. The Leader commonly gets the bottom bunk, while the bekks have to climb a ladder to get in and out of theirs. Each squad is also provided with their own locker, each containing 5 sections, one for each member of the squad. The Leader gets the entire middle shelf, which is easiest to reach, and is the full width of the locker. The sections for each bekk are half the with of the locker and are two to a shelf. These are located above and below the Leader's shelf.

Each of the ten QaS DevwI' are quartered with the rest of their company, but are given a separate room containing their bunk, a cabinet, a desk and their own toilet and sink. The QaS DevwI' still take thier showers in the the same public showers as the rest of the troops.


d'k tahg - [Image]
This weapon is carried by nearly all Klingons, and as such, it is the single most common bladed weapon employed by our ground troops. The weapon consists of three blades, the main blade in the center, and the much smaller side blades. The main blade is wider towards it's tip and more narrow at the base. This insures that the weapon causes as much damage as possible. In additon, there is a slot running down the center of the blade, to reduce suction on the blade when removing it from the enemy. Needless to say, being stabbed with a d'k tahg is a life-changing event... after all, in life, death is the greatest change of all.

bat'leth - [Image]
The bat'leth is the one weapon most favored by many Klingon warriors. There are two reasons for this. The first is traditional, as the first bat'leth was forged by Kahless himself. He used the first bat'leth, called the Sword of Kahless, to slay the tyrant Molor and set the Klingon people on their current course of honor. The Sword of Kahless is now carried by Chancellor Martok, but that is a story for a different day. The other reason that the bat'leth is a favorite among warriors is practical. No sword forged by any known culture can match it for flexibility and effectiveness.

mek'leth - [Image]
This bladed weapon is a smaller cousin to the bat'leth that is mastered by few warriors. The few who do master it find it to be an excellent weapon on both the attack and defense.

This bladed weapon is similar in design and function to a Human longsword. It is somewhat flexible weapon (but not to the extent of the bat'leth), capable of being used in either one hand or two. It is favored by many warriors, some because they haven't mastered the bat'leth or mek'leth, or by others who just prefer a simpler weapon.

Disruptor Pistol - [Image]
This is the standard sidearm of the Klingon Defense Force, and is carried by all members. It has similar capabilities to a Starfleet Type 2 hand phaser, but has been known to be a little unreliable at the highest settings. The weapon is, however, extremely accurate, and is know to be able to take a lot of punishment and still keep on firing.

Disruptor Rifle - [Image]
This a larger, more powerful version of the standard disruptor used in missions where either more firepower is needed, or the fight is expected to last longer than the power pack on a pistol. This weapon features a larger power pack, more powerful settings (and is more reliable at those higher settings than the pistol), and a slightly longer range. Like it's smaller cousin, the Disruptor rifle is known for it's accuracy and ruggedness in the field.