About the IKV Blackstar

Who are we?

The IKV Blackstar is a Klingon warship in the Bellaire, OH area. We are members of the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Force. We also host the 3rd Brigade of the IKEF Army.

What is our mission?

The IKV Blackstar is dedicated to having fun while promoting the concepts of sci-fi and fantasy in general and Star Trek in particular, with a minimum of the politics often seen in other organizations.

What do we do?

We participate in various honorable activities, such as charitable activities. We also do various things just for fun, such as going to conventions or working with other local ships on various activities.

How do I join?

Just hop on over to the Join form by clicking here, fill out all the required information, then submit it. We will contact you shortly afterwards about anything else we might need to know.

About this website.

This website was created by Rajuc vestai-Makhleod in April 2002 to be the internet face of the IKV Blackstar. Since that time, it (and the ship it represents) has undergone many changes.

In creating this site, I used a lot of materials (images, information, etc.) that I found on the internet over the previous couple years. Some of these may be copyrighted and I forgot to give credit, if so, then I apologize. If you spot anything that you hold a copyright on and I didn't give you credit for it, EMail me at itfblackstar@excite.com and I'll either give you credit for it, or I'll remove it. Whichever you prefer.