2002 News Archive

Monday, October 28th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

I know that it's been a long time since our last site update, and honestly, there isn't a whole lot to tell. All that I've done is updated the roster page. I've been off the internet for some time now, but now that I'm back, look for slightly more frequent updates. ;o)

Also, my email address has changed. I can now be reached at rajuc420@excite.com

Tuesday, June 4th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

I'd like to announce that we have a new crew member, Alex. He is our Security Officer, as well as our new Second Officer.

Tuesday, May 21st 2002 by Captain Rajuc

Minor update this time. I've just corrected a few mistakes i found througout the site.

Tuesday, May 7th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

I've redesigned the main page. The differences aren't very noticable, but it's all new code. The reason I did this was to make my job of updating a little simpler.

Tuesday, May 7th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

I've finished the rules page, as well as the About the Blackstar page. I've also updated the roster to keep things current.

I would like to encourage all members of the Blackstar, as well as anyone else, to register over at the forums, as I will be using the forums to make ship announcements and things of that nature. The link to the fourms is on the left sidebar.

Also, the join form is turning out to be harder than I originally thought. Anyone interested in joining the IKV Blackstar, please contact me at gdthkr@attbi.com.

Tuesday, April 30th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

I've finished the ships section of the databank, as well as revised the design of the site itself... nothing major, just some cosmetic changes.

Monday, April 29th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

I've configured the fourms, updated the crew roster and databanks, and gotten the rules page up. The rules page is still missing some information, but I should have that up soon.

I'd like to announce that Jim Sowl has decided to take a real commision and work his way up through the ranks the right way. Good Luck, buddy! I'd also like to announce my promotion to Lt. Commander (this was done by Klingon Empire International, I didn't just pull the promotion out of my ass.)

And one more thing, due to irreconcilable differences, I have chosen to withdraw the IKV Blackstar from Klingon Empire International. As such, we are once again a ship in the Dark Warrior Squadron.

Damn, big news report this time, lol. ;o)

Sunday, April 21st 2002 by Captain Rajuc

The forums are up, but they're not completely configured. Go register today and get in on the conversation.

Sunday, April 7th 2002 by Captain Rajuc

The website is up now, but not everything it up yet. Keep checking back, and we'll get everything up.