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Wednesday, May 4th 2004 by Captain Rajuc

Well, for the first time in what seems like forever, we finally have something to report. The Dover Peace Conference has come and gone yet again, and as usual, we have a bunch of stuff to update.

First, we have a new recruit. We should all welcome our newest member to our IKEF Army Detachment, Private Damion (aka Shaun Pack), Leader of First Squad. Good luck to you in your duties.

Next, there's a transfer to report. 3 of 1 is now known simply as John Groves, and is now our Chief of Security. I have personally taken over his former duties as Chief Engineer.

Since Dover there has been a whole round of promotions and awards for us to announce. The list follows:
Mara zantai-Makhleod, Commanding Officer -
Promoted to Brigadier General, honorific raised from sutai to zantai, recieved the Order of Kahless from the IKV Doomslayer
Rajuc sutai-Makhleod, Executive Officer -
Promoted to Captain, recieved the Order of Kahless from the IKV Doomslayer
Melody Bruce, IKEF Army Detachment Leader -
Promoted to Brigadier General
Jackie Thacker, Chief Medical Officer -
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
John Groves, Chief of Security -
Promoted to Second Lieutenant, recieved the Order of Kahless from the IKV Doomslayer

Finally, I've done some updates to the website. You might notice that, on the left, there is now a section titled Event Pictures. Right now, it's empty, but I'll be putting the pictures from the Stifel Arts Center event in there, and possibly pictures from this year's Dover. Hopefully I'll have that together by next update. I've also posted the Ground Troops section of the Tech Manual, as well as made some updates to the Introduction, Offensive Systems, and Defensive Systems sections.

Until next time, qapla'!

Monday, December 6th 2004 by Cmdr. Rajuc

We've withdrawn ourselves from ITF and are now a full chapter in IKEF. Finally, we saw the light! qapla'!

Sunday, November 28th 2004 by Cmdr. Rajuc

We've got our first submission to the Crew Creativity page, a story by our Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Jackie Thacker.

We also recently participated in an event at the Stifel Fine Arts Center, and I took some pictures. Look for those soon!

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